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Shoreline reconstruction

Driving and extraction of steel sheet piles (steel sheet piling).

This activity is used to supports slopes and road embankments, to reinforce the banks of rivers and canals or banks in general and to support digging for the creation of main sewers, especially in the presence of water. In order to satisfy these requirements our company builds diversified machinery and equipment so as to be able to operate efficiently even in adverse conditions, maintaining an optimal productivity.
Underwater installation works.
We realize drainpipes (discharge in sea or lake), laying of underwater main sewers, laying of water pipes for intake from lakes for aqueducts, reclamation of lakes through treatment systems, dredging and underwater installations in general.
Works for the creation of penstocks and large-diameter pipes.
These activities are carried out with the help of skilled workers and with the use of machinery suitable for the laying and the assembly of the pipes; operations of non-destructive monitoring follow in order to guarantee the perfect completion of the project.